Welfare cuts: small retailers adapt to survive

FT research has revealed how the UK government’s reform of the welfare state will cut household spending power by £19bn. Three small retailers in London’s Walworth Road, already struggling with the economic downturn, discuss how they are adapting to survive.  (5m 4sec)


'BBC London presenter Robert Elms unveils a painting of George Dyer by artist Ed Gray on 9th of November 2012. The painting in all it's glory can now be seen proudly displayed in the shop'

I have seen all the styles come and go and have made all of them in my time. My Father was a tailor and he passed on his love of clothes to me. I love clothes, simple as that. My Mum would buy all my school clothes a size too big and my old man would alter them to fit me perfectly. And that is what I have been doing all my working life, making clothes to my clients perfectly.

My website will introduce you to my world. Please take a look around. You'll see the kind of clothes I make and read testaments from the customers from over the years. So, please contact me and lets do some business together, you wont regret it.

I was recently asked to describe tailoring, and this is what I said... The bespoke suit is made to the specific requirements for the client, using traditional hand cutting techniques,along with the traditional hand crafted tailoring methods. It is then fitted and honed to the mind and body of the client. Fashion labels dictate their own styles, and do not the client's personality.


George Dyer

One of London’s finest Bespoke Tailors

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I have been a tailor for over thirty five Summers. If you feel that passion, you really should check me out.

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Clothes are my passion. Clothes, cloth and linings rule my life. Can't get enough of it

George Dyer,  April 2013

photo: Tule Lac

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